Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Can I Get a Rewind?

Rather than trawl through the past months and struggle to update you on the huge backlog of jewellery events that I have foolishly allowed to take place unreported,  I have decided to just continue as if nothing ever happened. If Dane Bowers can reemerge from self-imposed exile to appear on celebrity big brother, I can restart my contemporary studio jewellery blog. But I do feel like you need to be updated a little on what's been going on... so I have decided to do this through a lightly annotated photostory. In the style of what it might look like if you died and instead of your own life flashing before your eyes, it was 6 months of mine.

We graduated from ECA in June.. although, unbeknown to me, I didn't technically graduate until August as a punishment for failing to return some library books. Ouch.

In July, we all headed down to London to exhibit our work in New Designers and I said a final goodbye to the girls I had spent 24 hours a day with for 4 years. (Although I was soon surprised to find out that a certain former tutor would be joining me as part of my new class in London...)

After a long summer spent working as a receptionist at Inverness Airport, I packed my bags and headed for London where I moved into my new abode in the achingly trendy East End...

..And settled into my new studio in the Royal College of Art....

Where I replaced my old classmates with a whole set of new ones.

We ended last term with a trip to Amsterdam and an exhibition in the prestigious Galerie Marzee. As much as I would love to divulge details of the 'vacation', we agreed that what happens in Nijmegen stays in Nijmegen and I intend to keep it that way.

So there you go. Expect a few more posts over the course of the week as I'm currently still residing in the north of Scotland and the adverse weather conditions have rendered me pretty much snowed in. At this rate I may never make it back to London.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Welcome Back

Some of you might remember my last venture into blogging. ‘Fools Gold’ was the fly on the wall of contemporary studio jewellery – a peepshow into a surprisingly scandalous world. The view was raw and unedited, written with a complete disregard to issues such as liable and slander. The predictable backlash resulted in my humiliation and consequential brief disappearance from the blogging circuit.

But, perhaps foolishly, I’m back. The title has changed.. If ‘Fool’s Gold’ was the adolescence of my blogging career, ‘All That Glitters’ is her mature older sister.

Whilst previously, I wouldn’t have thought twice before carelessly listing my ‘Top 10 Hotties of RCA’ or describing in great detail the incident in which I stepped in dog shit on the way to a Ryan Adams concert, I’m hoping to be more reserved in my approach this time round. Well, kind of.

Although my life has changed completely since my last blog entry almost a year ago – I’ve graduated, moved to London, started a masters– some things never change, and I’m still willing to compromise my own integrity and potentially jeopardise my future career in order to gain a few cheap laughs.

I look forward to keeping you up to date with all the outrageous goings-on in the Jewellery scene. Welcome back.